David Itse Voiceover



Receive high-quality professional voice services, from David Itse based in Manchester, NH.

To inquire about my services, simply contact me at DavidItse@gmail.com or Call 603-714-1239 at your earliest convenience.

“David Itse has fantastic ears and instincts. He’s naturally dynamic and can easily add enthusiasm and a variety of colors to your copy.”

“David’s delivery style is calming, casual, current, deep, easygoing, educational, enthusiastic, personable, smooth and warm.”

“David naturally sounds like a best friend, buddy, dad and everyman.”

“David listens and takes direction extremely well. He does not get locked into one type of read, and is able to apply suggestions and try character expanding exercises.”

“David Itse understands the principle of 'Commitment,' and how necessary it is to successfully voice a character. Without full commitment to your circumstances, a read is just a read, and does not lift off the page. It's the difference between good readers and great actors.”